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The HYAS Insight Intel Feed is a new kind of intelligence feed that enables your SOC triage process, incident response, and threat hunting. It also supports your CTI team with better insight and analysis, and provides your fraud team with an improved ability to perform research and investigations.

Value for Your Security Teams

The HYAS Insight Intel Feed aggregates infrastructure intelligence for individual malware families, providing awareness of emerging threats that crosscuts distinct threat actors and attacks.  We package this intelligence in unique ways to help you understand high-level malware patterns so you can action the tactical intelligence for your SOC, CTI, and fraud teams.

The most common use cases for HYAS’s malware intelligence are:

  • Context aggregation and enrichment for SOAR, TIP, and threat intel management programs
  • Fresh IOC/observables for detection and blocklist
  • SIEM event correlation


What to Expect

This feed is intentionally different than others, and is neither a list of IOCs/observables nor a full malware analysis feed.  It concentrates intelligence on specific malware families and the infrastructure associated with them.  The feed is a daily JSON file that organizes our infrastructure intelligence by malware family and supplies additional high-level context and the command and control IPs deriving from our in-house malware detonations. In addition, the feed includes relationships between C2 observables and related hashes to facilitate local parsing in your security environment. 

How to Get the Feed

The feed is intended to provide actionable intelligence on adversary infrastructure for companies, government agencies, and nonprofits.  Just share a little information at right and we'll send you instructions for getting started with the feed. We encourage you to use your real name and an email address for your company or agency in order to maintain access to the feed.  People registering using false names and personal email addresses may be disqualified from initial or on-going access to the feed.


Have a question? Check out our FAQs here.  Want to share feedback aimed at improving the quality of the feed?  Send us an email.  Sorry, we may not be able to respond to all communications.

Want More Intelligence?

We have more where this comes from. Learn more about HYAS enterprise intelligence solutions by contacting us or checking out HYAS Insight and HYAS Protect.