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In a world where digital landscapes are evolving at an unprecedented pace, the significance of Operational Technology (OT) security cannot be overstated. Just as in the realm of Information Technology (IT), threat actors are employing an array of ingenious tactics to exploit vulnerabilities within OT systems. Malware, phishing, and social engineering are becoming commonplace, penetrating even the upper echelons of OT networks.

The first line of defense against cyber incursions has always been the venerable air gap.  But the traditional air gap is dissipating as OT and IT networks coalesce. More connections mean more vulnerabilities, so the need to protect OT infrastructure is more critical than ever. As OT networks become more interconnected and complex, they become more vulnerable to cyber threats. 

As the digital realm evolves, so too must our defenses.

💡 Your Guide to Navigating Convergence

This eBook will help illuminate the foundations of operational technology and current vulnerabilities present within a converged ecosystem and how to defend against them. 

  • Critical differences between IT and OT networks 
  • How to fortify security for converged IT/OT networks 
  • Modeling networks
  • OT protocols 

Ignite your knowledge. Fortify your networks. You're not just adapting to change; you're leading the charge. Embrace the future of OT security today!